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Visual Accounts Background Information

A Brief History

Visual Accounts first saw light of day in the early 1990s as WinBank.

Visual Accounts' original design criteria was that it should be able to run on a 386 Computer with 4MB of RAM Memory and a small (about 30MB) Hard Disk Drive with Microsoft Windows 3.1. The program should be able to run from a floppy disk. It should be exceptionally easy to use, and give the information a small business needs for their business. Even today, the base program of VA2000 will still fit on a floppy disk.

Visual Accounts was one of the first major programs written in Microsoft's fledgling Visual Basic (version 2) and it incorporated very powerful Filtering and other advanced features from the very start.

Most of the development work on Visual Accounts was done by Ambient Software in the mid 1990's (using Microsoft's Visual Basic 3). It was acquired by Springsoft who used JQL (us) to make it Year 2000 (Y2K) compliant, and added various other features. Springsoft also created the Home Version of Visual Accounts and updated the User Interface.

JQL acquired Visual Accounts in November 2000.

The Future

Visual Accounts 2000 (VA2000) has had a new home since the end of 2000 when it moved from Springsoft (Springfield Publishing Ltd) to JQL. We are going to continue developing VA2000 to make it even more user-friendly and easier to use.

JQL uses Visual Accounts for their Accounts so understands the concerns some of you may have about it's ongoing development. We love it too! So we won't be doing anything that detracts from it's ease of use, powerful filters and other great features. We will also make sure that it won't become "bloated" with features that no-one uses or wants!

Starting in 2002, JQL added a Technical Support Department and dedicated Telephone Help Line, and have done quite a lot of work on the web site (including adding new FAQs). We have also updated the code, where necessary, in order that Visual Accounts will operate with Windows XP.

In 2004 Visual Accounts was converted to completely 32bit. This means that it is fully 100% compatable with Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP. It also gives us a platform on which we can further develop Visual Accounts and add the features you've been asking for.

JQL will continue to develop and support Visual Accounts and will work to ensure that Visual Accounts' future is a bright and secure one. Under JQL, Visual Accounts will continue to be the Accounting software of choice for thousands of small businesses and individuals.

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